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Luna Oku is the solo project of 23-year-old musician Alon Ben. Up to now he has mainly appeared as a drummer in various bands (Malummí, Mastergrief and formerly Gorki Gagarin).

His nine-song debut album Figment was released on November 12, 2021 on Radicalis and was co-produced by Mario Hänni (ex-Sophie Hunger, Mnevis, Hanreti)

With the likes of Patrick Watson among others, Luna Oku develops a spherically dreamy indie sound world that references Grizzly Bear, Beach House, The Beatles and Radiohead's "A Moon Shaped Pool". Alon Ben's voice, always calm, approachable and yet introverted, leads through exciting harmonic turns carried by guitars, melancholic pianos and synths. The finely arranged and playful drum and percussion parts seem subtle at first but show the outstanding performance of two drummers involved in the production.

Figment always maintains a big fragment of urgency and drive even in its quietest moments. 

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April 30

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Luna Oku: HTML-Einbettung
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